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Re: My Trek Rankings By Season

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Very..... Interesting scores, although I didn't see too many below four don't think I saw many 1s. If any. I'd say your being a bit Generous. Other than that fairly accurate rankings . Course I disagree with some of them.... .
No there are not a lot of episodes below 4, considering the sheer number of episodes. I think you are also correct in that I am pretty generous with my scoring, but that is because I guess I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to Trek. I can usually find some good elements in almost every episode, and overall there are few episodes that I really think are just all around "bad". I tend to look at the lesser episodes of Trek as still being better than 90% of anything else on television, and I'm almost always entertained to a certain degree.

Lord Garth wrote: View Post
I didn't think "Emergence" was bad.
My experience is that many people would agree with you. I just found it unbearable for whatever reason. I like Braga (I'm pretty sure Emergence was a Braga story, but actually written by someone else) because he really pushes the envelope. Sometimes it works (All Good Things..., The 37's), and sometimes it doesn't (Threshold, Fury). I just thought Emergence was ill conceived and ill executed. As always, to each his own.

I really didn't take on this project to eventually post on the internet. I just couldn't decide which series was my favorite, as it always seemed that it was whichever one I was currently watching. I decided to settle it once and for all. My prediction of the finishing order was:

1. TNG
2. DS9
3. VOY
4. ENT

Enterprise actually wasn't even in the picture when I started it. I had not had any interest in it at all from what I had seen of it. Needless to say I was quite shocked at the final outcome of things, especially with ENT finishing first and TNG finishing last.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look and for the comments guys. I appreciate it.

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