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Re: Would you mind UHURA being promoted to BIG THREE status in next mo

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Sounds good to me. One of the best parts of the new movie is that Uhura finally got to be the female lead, instead of playing second fiddle to some new character like Ilia, Saavik, Gillian Taylor, Valeris, etc.

Uhura has paid her dues. It's time for her to take the spotlight.
Uhura has indeed paid her dues and deserves to be given the conn instead of the 17-year old (although admittedly, Uhura is only about a year older than him!).

I'd still quite like to see some of the other women too though - I think it would be great fun if they actually developed Ilia as a character instead of using the green chicks, Saavik would be great eventually, but in the meantime I'd like Rand and Chapel.
Agreed. Now that they've successfully reintroduced the original crew, we can definitely use another female character, too. I just don't want Uhura to get upstaged by some new love interest for Kirk . . . .
Ditto - I want Rand to be an action heroine not make moon eyes at Kirk. Although having said that, I wouldn't be totally averse to a bit of spiky dialogue with Carol Marcus as long as she's part of the plot rather than just a love interest. As a planetary scientist, I should imagine that her presence could dovetail with the Vulcan plot.
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