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Re: The Lwaxana Troi Appreciation Thread

The Lwaxana episodes have grown on me. I'm also impressed with her acting. You might not expect such a range from a what might have been a one-note character. I watched Menage a Troi last night. There is a scene in which the Ferengi shows her the bed, and then it cuts to Majel. She conveys so much in that one look - it could have easily been lost with a more generic expression of discomfort. I don't know if the other cast members could have pulled it off with such depth. And that one look sets up the tension for the next several segments - the fear of her being raped/molested to protect Troi and Riker.
She was an excellent actor. Another often hated Lwaxana episode, "Cost of Living" - it may not be phaser blasting, time-altering sci-fi (which tend to be my favorites)but it says more than a lot of those episodes do. "Dark Page" was a strong Lwaxana ep also.
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