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Perhaps you cannot use warp drive in a magnetic storm, only impulse engines. Plenty of analogies in other Treks where they have to use impulse engines to get out of a situation.
As far as TOS goes, I don't recall an instance where Kirk orders the ship to slow to impulse while in any storm. Even in an Ion Storm, he calls for Warp. But going back to the dialogue, Kirk doesn't say "If only they could use their warp drive in that storm" or something like that.
It would take some imagination, but it's whithin Trek's logic that warp engines would be unsafe in some circumstances. Warp drive whithin the 23rd century's Sol system was a 'risk'.

Even in early TOS TPTB understood the impusle engines were not able to get the ship to these fantastic places, that was why they invented the space-warp 'fantastic power' engines.

Impulse engines were also used as safe backup, when the fancy warp drive wasn't working. Spock orders hyperdrive (warp drive) trying to leave Talos IV, it doesn't respond, he says switch to rockets, we're blasting out of here (impulse), also to no effect. Kirk orders 'impulse power, too' when trying to shake Balok's pilot vessel.

Basically, it's not that hard using Trek logic to think that if the main engines aren't working for whatever reason, that you could usually count on the good ol' impulse engines. A magnetic storm may have taken the old style warp engines off line, Kirk would know that, and he'd know that the impusle engines were the Valient's only hope.

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Unless a Q picked up the ship and dropped it off near the rim, there's absolutely no way to get that far out on impulse engines.

That is only if you base your belief that impulse engines are sublight only. Perhaps in TNG and onwards it is, but that's another series and another production staff

(Although IIRC, TNG goofed in Best of Both Worlds pt2 and had the E-D at impulse cross a distance in a timeframe too short to be sublight...)
Okay, well to keep in Where No Man Has Gone Before, if it would take Enterprise to reach "Earth bases" (presumably the closest ones, their last stops) YEARS under impulse power, which were only DAYS away using warp drive, then how long would it take the Valiant to get from where THEY started (Earth? Alpha Centari?) to the galactic edge? Decades? 100 years? 1,000 years?

Impusle power is slow. Lightspeed is slow. A lightspeed+plus capable impusle power still isn't good enough for where they are. Even if impulse engines can do 1.5 times the speed of light, that's not very fast given the distance.

SS Valiant needs warp drive.
I'm afraid the dialogue supports 200 (or more years) not 170.
I'll concede that, if that's what the dialogue says.
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