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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

I've started in on the drawings of the nacelles... all of these are at 1/4 scale to the original model.

My (obvious) first goal is to finish my studies of the 11 foot model. After that I'll apply Jefferies' deck placement so that the boundaries of the decks match the hull's curves correctly), followed by a redrawing of the scaled set plans from the series. And as stated up thread, I'll be leaving two and three wall sets as two and three walled sets. It'll be up to who ever used this info to decide on their own where they want to place the walls we didn't see on screen (and weren't there on set anyways).

And I'll throw together a collection of the measurements that Jefferies used when thinking about this stuff as well. And because it has been updated a couple times, I'll repost this illustration...

I'll also review the sketches posted in this thread to date and put together a collection of which ones are still relevant (or useful).

Sorry if this has seemed awfully slow lately. This stuff doesn't pay the bills, and the bills still need to be paid.
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