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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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As for size; the back wall should be 24' from the front one (the 2nd season set was 20'). However the set nowhere near matches the "maze" that is Engineering is often referred to as, hence many have speculated that there are several engine rooms within the Engineering Section, or at least a lot more than we ever saw on camera.
Hi Mytran,

I've got some ideas about the "maze" for the "Enemy Within"

Out of curiosity, how did you get 24' for the length of the 1st season room? (I measured one of the 2 wall control panels from the "Journey to Babel" stage layout and tripled it but I admit it that my method is not very precise ) If there is a resource out there like stage notes indicating the dimensions of stuff I'd be very appreciative!

One more question for anyone who might know: how wide were the corridor/hallways? I'm measuring 3m from the stage layout but I'd like to be more accurate. Thanks in advance!

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