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Re: Nacelle rear spheres: conjectures.

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A. Apologies if this is addressed previously on TrekBBS.

B. I usually hate in-universe conjecture, but was watching an ep last night with now you see 'em, now you don't, spheres at the rears of the nacelles. So I thought I'd ask if the contuinity-crazed among us have any explanations.

I have none other than modelmakers or Jeffries thought they looked better (debatable).

But do YOU have any conjecture as to what they are and why they sem to be so jettisonable and replacable?
They're not jettisonable or replaceable. What you're seeing is re-use of stock footage of the 2nd pilot version of the ship from WNMHGB to save money in post production f/x. That's why in TOS-R they remade the shots so that you consistently saw the version of the ship you were supposed to be seeing.
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