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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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Picard didn't do "nothing". He sent Hugh back to the Collective. Which probably was a far more potent weapon - Hugh's individuality. The virus may not have worked, but Hugh himself sure did (to a point, anyway).
Consider the crew's attitude towards this 'individuality' weapon - a jaded it 'may' do something.
Compare it with their certainty that the paradox will work.

The individuality attack was a long shot, had very low chances of succes.
Enterprises' crew knew that - and they were proven right by the individuality attack's failure to even scrarch the collective - only 1 ship affected out of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF CUBES the collective has? It didn't even slow down the borg!

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So it's moral to stand by and do nothing while others suffer? Which is what this argument ultimately comes down to.
When the only alternative is to do something doomed-to-failure from inception that will only make you more noticeable, then yes it IS the moral thing to do. In fact it's beyond moral, it's simply the ONLY thing to do.

So it's better to stick your head in the sand and hope the 'big bad wolf' doesn't notice your house of straw as he goes by.

An attitude made even more ridiculous (yes, it's actually possible) by the fact that the 'big bad wold' already noticed your house and it was a certainty he would, sooner rather than later, come for his 'prey', for you.
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