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Re: Kelly Hu: Genre babe of the week #13 (April 2010)

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Nobody's gonna want to look at you when you're 40 either son.
Which might matter if I was up for hunk of the week? Are you nominating me?

Besides, when I'm 40 I'll win over the chicks if need be the traditional way. By having money.
No I wasn't.

The money thing is a pipe dream. I've been 40 exactly one week, and am still dirt poor (but compensate for it by being great looking).

I stopped chasing rainbows when I hit 30.
Yeah, but I make good money and I'm not quite 30 yet

But seriously, the problem with Kelly Hu... and yes, she's aged pretty well, those Asians have been doing some good natural selection or something.... but I don't know if she's aged quite as well as some think she has. I get the feeling that many of those pictures aren't from the past couple of years.

The thing is, even if she was younger, the face doesn't do that much for me. Someone mentioned Grace Park up-thread as an example of an overly skinny chick without Kelly's boobage. And he's right to a point. But Grace is still better looking. Besides, better too skinny than too fat (*conclusion not applicable to famine survival situations)
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