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Keep in mind that for TOS that impulse engines have been implied to be capable of FTL. That's how the SS Valiant got out to edge of the galaxy in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and how also the Enterprise got around when her warp drive was burnt out or damaged...
Wait, what? SS Valiant had warp drive. At least, they never said that it didn't have warp drive.
True, the dialogue only confirmed that the SS Valiant had Impulse drive but they were the engines that battled the magnetic space storm. Also, it was far enough back in time (200 years) that it may or may not have had warp drive since Zefram Cochrane would've been about 37 years old so it could go either way whether warp drive had been invented yet when the Valiant made it to the galactic barrier.

KIRK: This is the Captain speaking. The object we encountered is a ship's disaster recorder, apparently ejected from the S.S. Valiant two hundred years ago.
SPOCK: Decoding memory banks. I'll try to interpolate. The Valiant had encountered a magnetic space storm and was being swept in this direction.
KIRK: The old impulse engines weren't strong enough.
SPOCK: Swept past this point, about a half light year out of the galaxy, they were thrown clear, turned, and headed back into the galaxy here...
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Also, there's room for the Enterprise to have remained at warp speeds after contact with the barrier and then having the crystals fail. After all, there's a fade to black and commercial break before the Captains Log...
The Enterprise could have been at warp for a bit after turning back but it didn't last long since Spock announced that they had burnt out the main engines prior to the Captain's Log entry.
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