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Re: Explanation for the Borg's many changes

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The Borg is/are a single mind.
Agreed. That mind is the mind of the queen. That's how she keeps coming back - destroying the body doesn't destroy the mind, because the mind is spread throughout the entire collective.
I'm so glad someone else gets this! You'd be surprised how many people want to come up with all these convoluted explanations (many of them involving long-range transporters) for how the Queen "survived" every time the ship we saw her on was destroyed.

Originally, that mind's sole purpose was the acquisition of new technology. That was all it did: acquire new technology, then use that technology to acquire even more technology.
Actually, that's what Q said.
Yeah, I know. That's why I said it.

Why does the search for technology eliminate the assimilation of people?
Because Q explicitly said that the Borg were not interested in the lifeforms that developed the technology they consumed, only the technology itself.
Assimilate a scientist, you learn everything he knows about technology. He might have some ideas which are sound but he lacked the ability to actually make those ideas real. With the Borg's resources, they CAN make them real.
True, and the Queen's ability (or willingness) to consider that was what made her different from the Borg's "original" personality.

And they gotta get drones from somewhere.
In Q-Who, it was established that they basically grew them in test tubes, then gave them implants when they were "born". If nanotechnology had been better-known in 1988 when that episode was written, I imagine that the writers would have made it so that drones would have been "implanted' much earlier, probably as embryos.

In the end, I don't see how the Borg's search for technology and their assimialtion of people are at odds.
Only because the Borg as originally conceived were single-minded consumers of technology. They didn't hold territory, they didn't occupy planets, they only consumed technology. That's not a guess, it was explicitly stated by an omnipotent being. BOBW handled the assimilation thing pretty well (although I think it should have delved a little more into why the Borg suddenly wanted to assimilate people, instead of just mentioning "hey, the Borg didn't do that before") but future stories (especially FC and all of VOY) completely contradicted and the original concept by making it so that the Borg wanted to conquer and enslave the universe because the Queen was a controlling bitch. Basically, the Borg were turned into the ex-wife from Hell.

Now, I grant you that the original Borg were very hard to cram into the TV/movie medium. Everything that was done to them post-Q-Who was done to make them more like "regular" villains. What I've attempted to do is just come up with an in-universe explanation for it that doesn't completely crap all over the "original" Borg, because it was a really good idea.
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