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Re: was ezri right in Tacking into the Wind - are Klingons hypocrites?

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Now...for those charges, please cite what you mean.
Sure - her recent statements from this thread and from the "Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade" thread from Trek Literature; in general, you can look at practically each statement she made about trekverse humans, though.

Many times, her statements regarding trekverse humans contradicted each other or were supported by no evidence whatsoever, but all shared a common feature - they were denigratory towards trekverse humans.
And those statements are...?

Please. She identifies with the Cardassians as an effect, not a cause.
And her identifying with the cardassians leads to her resentment towards trekverse humans. Said resentment leads to her grasping at every possible argument to make cardassians look good and trekverse humans bad.
And yet you said regarding her alleged opinion on humans:

humans are naive and arrogant (I find that quite ironic, considering that cardassians are your favourite species), etc.
--thus implying your apparent resentment to Cardassians.

Also, why do you think Nerys identifies with Cardassians more than humans? Could it be, as I said, that she has a point as to the...inconsistancies in UFP policy?
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