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Gentlemen(snicker), you're forgetting about the Romulan Bird of Prey seen in TOS episode "Balance of Terror", it had nacelles but was only capable of moving at impulse.
Whatever the Romulan propulsive system's true nature, the episode showed that if Kirk chased at warp three, he didn't overshoot the Romulans. So once again, the presence of things that look like warp nacelles is associated with the ability to travel at warp speeds (warp three at least).

In TOS episode "The Menagerie" if the shuttlecraft had been warp capable why didn't it over take the Enterprise?
Because the Enterprise moved even faster. And in this episode, it is established that the Enterprise had been ordered to move at warp - so the shuttle probably was capable of warp one at least, or else Kirk wouldn't have chosen to give chase at all.

Was there any mention of a shuttle's speed in either of these episodes "The Menagerie" or " The Galileo Seven"?
As said, "The Menagerie" has Spock ordering the ship to warp out of orbit:

Starbase ATC: "Starship Enterprise, Commodore. It's warping out of orbit. Refuses to acknowledge our signal."
No speeds are given in the other episode, but the shuttle is lost in a region containing four star systems, and Kirk assumes the shuttle could be in any one of them. Even if the systems are very close to each other, the shuttle seems to be capable of low warp speeds or else it couldn't reach more than one system.

"Metamorphosis" also fails to give speed references. There the shuttle might be traveling between star systems, or then merely departing one star system through a hazardous asteroid belt in order to rendezvous with the ship that would complete the journey to the destination system.

In other TOS episodes, shuttles only seem to travel from orbit to surface and vice versa.

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