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Re: Would you mind UHURA being promoted to BIG THREE status in next mo

I'm OK with it as long as Uhura does more than just be Spock's girlfriend. Maybe we'll see her actually doing some serious work at her station, or going on an away mission, or taking charge of the situation in a crisis, like if Kirk or Spock were not there or were incapacitated somehow.

If Uhura will be part of the big three in the next film then I would also like to see Bones and Scotty maybe as a duo because I'd hate for them to get pushed into the background. Also, they deserve to be more than comic relief.

Maybe they can have the main plot involve New Big Three and a secondary plot with Bones and Scotty.

*edit* New thought: Maybe they can introduce Rand and have a professional rivalry going on between the two. Not a romantic rivalry. Maybe like Rand is the rising star in Uhura's department and they are constantly trying to best each other. Could drag this out over the next few movies.
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