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TOS Enterprise WIP


This thread is meant as a follow-up to another thread regarding TOS Shuttle storage. At the time, I was modeling the TOS Enterprise in Lightwave and had reached the flight deck/hangar deck portion and found TrekBBS I learned some interesting tidbits that I had not known before (and still am learning new things all the time.)

What I have determined to do as an experiment is to build out the internals (such as the shuttlebay, etc) much like some of the other neat threads that are going on here and then finish up with the external detailing.

The sources I am using are the 3 seasons of TOS episodes (excluding TAS) and some retro-inspiration from the first 6 movies.

It'll be slow going - mainly due to family and work, but I'll update periodically

An experimental concept for the support structure. At some I'm going to revisit the flight deck and shorten the length.
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