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Re: Explanation for the Borg's many changes

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The Borg is/are a single mind.
Agreed. That mind is the mind of the queen. That's how she keeps coming back - destroying the body doesn't destroy the mind, because the mind is spread throughout the entire collective.
Originally, that mind's sole purpose was the acquisition of new technology. That was all it did: acquire new technology, then use that technology to acquire even more technology.
Actually, that's what Q said.

The life-forms it encountered were beneath notice, not because the Borg were arrogant, but because they were no threat to the Borg and had nothing to do with Borg's directive to acquire technology.
Why does the search for technology eliminate the assimilation of people? Assimilate a scientist, you learn everything he knows about technology. He might have some ideas which are sound but he lacked the ability to actually make those ideas real. With the Borg's resources, they CAN make them real.

And they gotta get drones from somewhere.

In the end, I don't see how the Borg's search for technology and their assimialtion of people are at odds.
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