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ENTER |TNG Avatar Contest #5| Where No One Has Gone Before

Thanks for all those who participated in the last contest and congratulations to the winners.

This weeks contest is "Where No One Has Gone Before"

When a specialist in propulsion makes modifications to the Enterprise's warp drive that send it 2.7 million light years out of the galaxy, it is his assistant, a mysterious alien, and Wesley Crusher that must bring it back home.
Episode: Where No One Has Gone Before

TNG Theme: Captain's Prerogative
As chosen by me. Take from it what you will.

Random Theme: Emotional Moments
As chosen by Wicca who Wonta. Anything goes, show us your favorite emotional moment.

Same rules apply: maximum size of 140x140 and 70k for each entry.

Entries will be accepted until Wed. 28th & Voting will start on 29th.

-------ENTER NOW!-------

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