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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

What species am I condemning to death? The Borg? THE BORG ARE NOT A SPECIES!

How do you know that Starfleet won't invent something that can consistently shut of Borg subspace signals on a mass scale, then remove/kill nanoprobes?
You talk to me about supposition and you post this speculation? That is hypocritical.

This isn't Star Wars...we dont have to see races as all "evil" or all "good".
If we were talking about the Klingons or the Cardassians, you would have a point. However, this is the Borg, they are all of one hivemind and that hivemind wants to assimilate the galaxy! That is evil in my book! Also, the Borg always had a queen so they did not evolve and it is apparent you didn't watch Drone at all, the Borg Collective as a whole did not evolve in that episode. THERE ARE NO GOOD BORG! DRONES SUCH AS HUGH AND ONE WERE SEPARATED FROM THE COLLECTIVE AND THEREFORE DO NOT COUNT. Your sympathy for the Borg is naive and childish. I don't think you know anything about the Borg. They are not a race, they are not a civilization, they are a plague to be annihilated. Would you honestly look someone who has lost a loved one to the Borg in the face and tell them the Borg have a right to exist and continue to assimilate innocent people?
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