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The Lwaxana Troi Appreciation Thread

I wanted to create this thread so that everyone can remember Majel and/or her on-screen character, Lwaxana Troi. I was disappointed to hear that Leonard Nimoy was quitting the Con circuit after this year, so it just made me think of all the Trek crew members who I never got to see---particularly Majel, who died just as I was getting into Star Trek. What are your favorite memories of her?

On other sites, I have found that Lwaxana isn't that popular and that people find the episodes she's in to be rather excessive and campy. However, I think Lwaxana is a pulchritudinous embodiment of what Star Trek was supposed to be---she is an artistic character whose honesty and a freedom is perfect when coupled with a Betazoid sex drive (which is all something we should strive for, in my opinion).
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