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Re: Explanation for the Borg's many changes

I criticized the Destiny trilogy somewhere here for making the Borg less cool, and people rightly showed me the long inexorable decline. I don't care for postulated in-universe explanations. Why did the producers make them more "personal"? I think it was a huge loss.

Huge impersonal forces often buffet us about, like Ahab's whale. There's a great scene early in the movie of "Grapes of Wrath," where a lackey on a bulldozer explains to a farmer about to be plowed under that it's holding companies and banks -- the economy, really -- that're screwing him over. "Well, who DO we shoot, then?" says the stymied sharecropper.

That was the Borg -- they didn't hate us, they were just doing what they were doing. We are in the way. GREAT villain that got softened into, yes, a mustache-chewing, creepy-yet-sexy Queen, villain of the week. Oh well.
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