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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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Picard's decision in 'I, Borg' was immoral - he chose the 'greater evil', by far, he stained his hands red with the blood of BILLIONS, by allowing such an unimaginable horror of death and suffering to continnue, when he had a chance of stooping it - and strategically idiotic.
I'm glad you can make so measured a choice. However the fact remains, there is no direct evidence the Borg would have been stopped in I, Borg, in fact there is evidence AGAINST this possibility, therefore there is no reason to place the resulting deaths on Picard.

What if Starfleet or the Alpha Quadrant finds a better way to combat the Borg on a more even keel? What if there is a war that kills millions on both sides, BUT the resulting peace allows both billions of former Borg drones AND Alpha Quad beings to live?

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