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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

First of all, the Borg cannot be pissed off. Second, if the Borg could have easily neutralized the virus, they would not have viewed the Federation as a credible threat. Therefore, they wouldn't have sent out an armada of cubes, at worst they would have sent one cube. The Borg don't want to expend any resources they don't have to, they only do what is sufficient, otherwise they would have sent an armada of cubes the first time. Picard was wrong not to release the virus. Even if it didn't work, it was still better than doing nothing, and if it did work, the Borg will no longer victimize the galaxy. And as always, THE LAWS OF WAR DO NOT APPLY TO THE BORG! IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO TAKE OUT THE GREATEST SCOURGE IN GALACTIC HISTORY, YOU HAD DAMN WELL BETTER TAKE IT! IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT! IT IS IMPRACTICAL TO SAVE EVERY ASSIMILATED BEING! IT IS BETTER TO WIPE OUT THE BORG AND SAVE TRILLIONS OF LIVES IN BOTH THE PRESENT AND COUNTLESS NUMBERS IN THE FUTURE THAN TO RISK TRYING TO LIBERATE EVERY. INDIVIDUAL. DRONE. YOU ARE NAIVE AND FOOLISH TO BELIEVE OTHERWISE!
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