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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?


You merely repeated yourself. I already answered in detail in my previous post. Read it.


Your post is a VERY transparent straw-man argument.


About the borg being 'pissed off':

The borg had already targeted humanity for assimilation before 'I, Borg'.
This means that they would have come with certainty to assimilate the Federation with or without 'provocation'.

'Provocking' the borg, at most, would shorten the time after which they will come.
And what is the only reason for which Starfllet should avoid provocking the borg? In order to buy time.
For what? In order to make a weapon that is effective against the borg. Picard HAD this weapon - a weapon with better chances of success than anyone thought possible.
Not using this weapon is suicide - it equates to waiting until the borg come to assimilate everything because one doesn't want to 'provocke' them.

About the paradox vs the individuality attacks:

The paradox virus and the individuality attack are VERY different weapons.

Picard&crew were certain that the paradox attack will work (watch 'I, Borg' - the intent of the writers was to make the paradox attack working a certainty).

As fot the individuality sense, from the crew's reactions (instead of being extatic - 'Captain, you're a genius!' - they were jaded - 'Let's use it - we have nothing to lose') this attack had a very low chance of success.

The fact that the borg security measures were able to deal with the individuality attack says NOTHING about their performance against the paradox program.

Picard's decision in 'I, Borg' was immoral - he chose the 'greater evil', by far, he stained his hands red with the blood of BILLIONS, by allowing such an unimaginable horror of death and suffering to continnue, when he had a chance of stooping it - and strategically idiotic.
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