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Re: Should There Be A Blu Ray Of The Animaited Series?

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I also didn't like the changes already made to TAS for the DVD release (a few colours were changed).
Why didn't you like those changes? They were done just to fix mistakes, weren't they? (AFAIK, Hal Sutherland was colorblind, so that may be the source of some of them, like the pink Klingon uniforms)

I just don't think it's worth HDing a cartoon.
Perhaps. I have the opposite view. I advocate HDing everything possible. I mean, it can't look any worse, can it?
I get fixing mistakes (although with the ..erm.. 'dated' animation, imo the mikstakes add to the charm) but stuff like changing the Delta Triangle from it's misty red to solid black is utterly pointless and wasn't even done properly (once or twice triangle space is still red)!
I never did get this move. What the hell was the point? It made no sense to change the Delta triangle space from red and cloudy to black.
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