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Re: Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray announced

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I'd heard somewhere that the original trilogy would look like crap in HD because you can see all these flaws, like the 2 different shades of black paint used on Darth Vader's helmet.
And the low budget TV series known as "Star Trek" in the mid-1960s would probably look awful too, eh?
I don't know. I don't have an HDTV myself. (Although there are moments even on the standard DVD release where I can see the seam between Leonard Nimoy's real ear & the fake Vulcan ear. I don't look forward to seeing this exacerbated in HD.)

When I was speaking of Star Wars in HD, I was talking more about what I had heard was the official Lucas position, not my own views.

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Is the Biggs scene finally going to be inserted into ANH?
Personally, I'd be happier with the full version of the second Biggs scene, where Red Leader mentions that he flew with Anakin Skywalker in the Clone Wars and thought he was Cool As Shit.
And that way there wouldn't be the continuity error where R2-D2 suddenly jumps 3 feet in the air.

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They did change it slightly for the 2004 DVD release. Rather than Greedo plainly shooting first, it's now more of a quick-draw situation. It's still an unneccessary change from the original Han shooting first from 1977, however, I'm willing to settle for it because at least it looks a lot less stupid than the 1997 version.
No, it still looks stupid since Han's head and upper body shifts and bends the very fabric of space to move to the side and he maintians the same, stolid, look on his face as if he's not moving the fabric of reality itself to dodge the moving at the speed of light laser blast!
I say it looks "less stupid" rather than "not stupid at all" because at least the 2004 version happens so fast that there's not a lot of time to dwell on it. The 1997 version totally disrupts the flow of the scene.
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