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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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The mere fact that it is possible to 'recover' a Borg (i.e. remove it from the Collective and return it to being an individual, such as Seven of Nine) is all the proof I need: Genocide against the Borg is no different than genocide against any living race. If assimilation were absolutely irrecoverable, then there would be less of a problem with wiping out the Borg. But this is clearly not the case.

And even if the Borg don't respect the rules of war, that doesn't mean the Federation shouldn't.
Picard respected the rules of was?
Picard condemned UNCOUNTED BILLIONS to death and assimilation! This was not merely probable! This was a certainty!
You call that respecting the rules of war? Refusing to exterminate an enemy army (there are NO civilians among the borg, NO non-combatants) on a genocidal mission, condemning its victims (your natural allies) to death?

As for trying to save the drones - theoretically, that's possible. Practically, it's impossible.
The borg military tech and technology in general is vastly more advanced than the Federation's.
Trying to save the drones would be suicide - facing the borg is almost suicide even when you're not slowed down by such impossible tasks.

And another point - in 'I, Borg', Picard made the decision NOT to use the paradox because it would mean using Hugh and dismantling the borg hive mind (Hugh's "culture'). The episode was actually ambiguous about the drones being killed or merely made individuals when when the hive mind was shut down.

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