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Re: Transporters in everyday life

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The one downside I can see with the public transporter stations is that there must be one helluva queue. People going to the same destination can be beamed together but most people will want to go to different places, so these stations must be huge, like international airports today, or it's not worth the wait and people take alternate forms of transport.

Depite what Geordi may say about transporter safety I would only travel this way if there was no alternative. The thought of being taken apart at the molecular level makes my head spin.
You could beam a dozen people at once to a dozen different locations. Just enter different destinations to each pad. Then it'll be like riding a bus.

Public transport would not beam people anywhere they like. People could only beam from one station to another station. That's something that can be coordinated very easily.
This is true. Still I can see some backlogs occurring during the 24thC equivalent of rush hour, but I suppose that would be unavoidable using any method of transportation. Come to think of it, many people in the 24thC would probably work from home, so I may be making a mountain out of a molehill. It's been a long day. Ignore me.
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