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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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About the 'logic paradox's chances:
I already addressed this point:
"As for the invasive 'logic paradox' not working - Data/Geordi were sure it would work - and given that their knowledge of the hows and whys of trek tech (even borg tech) vastly surpasses what we posters know (for example, they, too, know the borg adapt and, unlike us, they know much about how the borg do this magic trick), the chances are this 'logic paradox' would have dismantled the borg hive mind."
The chances the logic paradox had of working were very high.
Data and Geordi knew all this from A FEW SECONDS TO MINUTES of poking are the Collective and getting a bunch of access denieds when they tried to get into sections of it?
Now you're just grasping at straws:

Data/Geordi have detailed knowledge of the trekverse's physical laws - unlike present day humanity (incuding us) who have only an incomplete knowledge of the universe's physics;
Data/Geordi have detainled knowledge about Federation technology - which is far more advanced that our present day tech;

As for the borg - Data/Geordi know in detail the Federation findings regarding borg technology (gathered in 'Regeneration', 'Q, who', 'Best of both worlds', 'I, Borg') - including, but not limited to sensor scans, borg implants analysis, Data/Locutus having access to the borg hive mind, etc.
Is this knowledge complete? No
Is this knowledge FAR more detailed and complete than the ridiculous superficial knowledge we have of borg tech? Yes

Does this mean Data/Geordi's statements regarding borg tech are FAR more accurate/certain than the affirmations of posters on this board? YES
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