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Re: Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray announced

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No, it still looks stupid since Han's head and upper body shifts and bends the very fabric of space to move to the side and he maintians the same, stolid, look on his face as if he's not moving the fabric of reality itself to dodge the moving at the speed of light laser blast!
Well, that settles it. Han must be a Jedi, too.
I am a big fan of the film, and so everytime people discuss "Han shooting first," I get extremeely confused.

Han did not shoot first.

Saying he did implies that someone else was shooting as well, and this was simply not the case.

Han fired a shot, and killed Greedo. Greedo did not fire at all!
This is being needlessly pedantic (I know, shocker coming from you.)

Han shot first, that no one shot second is irrelevant.

Besides, it plays a better contrast in the meme to say "Han shot first vs. Greedo shot first" vs. "Han shot vs Geedo shoots first."
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