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Re: How Thor breaks down racial barriers in Asgard

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You also do realize that many, many white people have been filmed for roles that were a) black b) asian c) any other minority?
I already argued against the miscasting of non-white characters with white actors approximately fifty times in this thread alone.

THEY ARE NOT GETTING A HANDOUT. They auditioned. The group decided they liked person a better than person b. Who the hell cares if they are black or white?
To be fair, Will Smith hasn't auditioned for a job in twenty years - roles are written for him.

I was making a general point about people like Dennis who attempt to apologise for "white privilege" by choosing black people or women or anyone ahead of a white male because somehow that makes the world more "equal" - a word they clearly do not understand.

And does it really matter since these guys are Gods? What does white have anything to do with Heimdall's character at all in the comic book? He's a freaking mystic pretty much. He could be green and I could care less because his color has nothing to do with his abilities.
Again, for the fiftieth time, I wasn't arguing about Heimdall. I was arguing about iconic characters. Heimdall is at best a supporting cast member.
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