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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

I feel that it is important to point out in this philosophical discussion the fact that Picard was right in the sense that he thought with his rational mind and made a choice. He didn't freeze or follow. He took responsibility and acted upon his rational conviction. Inevitably, a man - like Picard - reaches points at which it is necessary to make a choice, and the mark of true leadership is the rational presence of mind necessary to make a choice in a "Kobayashi Maru" kind of situation where there is not any good option. In a case like that, the proven ability to make a choice with sobriety is more important than the variety of the choice which is made.

Without a doubt, the question will continue of whether that distinct event benefited or harmed the Federation, and every leader under such circumstances would no doubt act differently and reach a unique moral conclusion regarding the matter. Nevertheless, I do not think that the circumstance made the issue a true right versus wrong scenario. It isn't something so simple that one may look at it and conclude merely with the two-dimensional appraisal: "He was wrong."
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