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Re: Was Picard wrong in I,Borg?

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In my opinion, the biggest problem of wiping out the entire Borg race is the fact that the assimilated drones can be severed from the hive mind, and thus saved from the Collective.
Exactly. Hugh is proof positive that the virus would be total genocide against his race. Killing all of the Borg would be killing billions of Hugh's.

A military encounter, i.e. Starfleet and Borg ships fighting each other, is different, because that operates under the rules of war. If a ship is attacking you, you have the right to shoot back. But not to wipe out the entire species. That's wrong.
YOU! ARE! WRONG! THERE ARE NO GODDAMN RULES OF WAR WHEN IT COMES TO THE BORG!! They are mindless totalitarians who will not hesitate to assimilate every. single. man. woman. and child. You can not NEGOTIATE with them, you can not reason with them, they are a force of nature! Only a fool would try to negotiate with an oncoming thunderstorm. The Borg are a plague to be eradicated! If you had a potential cure for the Ebola virus, would you not use it?! WOULD YOU TRY TO NEGOTIATE WITH THE GODDAMN VIRUS?!

THE BORG ARE NOT A RACE! THERE ARE NO BORG CIVILIANS! There is no room for doubt, Picard was a fool not to use the virus. How many real species have been brutalized by the Borg? Arturus' people, the El Aurians, and thousands of other races have been scattered across the stars or worse because of the Borg. Would you honestly tell those who have lost loved ones to the Borg that wiping those things from existence is wrong? It is possible to rescue those who have been assimilated by the Borg, but it is just not practical! Janeway did the right thing in Endgame when she unleashed that virus. That may be why Janeway was an admiral while Picard was still a captain.

For far too long, the Federation and Starfleet have let their lofty goals get in the way of practicality and common sense. How sooner would Janeway have gotten to the Alpha Quadrant if she had not been so dogmatic in her views? How much longer would the Dominion war gone on if Section 31 had not infected the Founders with a virus? Why keep to the Treaty of Algeron when the Romulans are infamous for their duplicity and treachery? At times it appears Starfleet is its own worst enemy!

Having ideals and lofty goals is not a bad thing, just don't let them form a noose around your neck.
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