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Re: Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray announced

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^ What's the big deal? 'Bail' could be a popular first name in the SW 'verse.
It's no big deal. I'm sure Bail's the equivalent of John on Alderaan. I love The Phantom Menace so this little mistake doesn't ruin the movie for me. Still the idea of two senators from Alderaan named Bail who were serving at the same time is a bit hard to swallow. One fan wank for this problem suggests that Organa is Bail Antille's wife's name. Bail's wife is the queen of Alderaan IIRC so it's entirely possible he could have taken her name when they married. Whatever the truth is I'm sure they'll fix the Antilles/Organa mess for the Blu-Ray.
Adrian Dunbar, not Jimmy Smits, played Bail Organa/Antilles in scenes cut from The Phantom Menace. I believe this has something to do with it.

I suspect that some time late in the production of TPM, it was decided that Organa would have a more prominent role in Attack of the Clones and that an actor better known to American audiences would be more suitable. As such, they cut Dunbar's scenes and retconned all mention of him to call him "Antilles" instead.

I'm not sure why Antilles can't be a different person. Surely you don't have to be a member of Alderaan's royal family to represent them in the Senate. That's not very democratic, is it ?
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