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Re: Shatner For Governor General

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He most likely has dual citizenship, unless he renounced his Canadian citizenship.
I don't think anyone actually does that.
Yeah, I can't imagine why anyone would either, unless they wanted to get citizenship somewhere else that didn't allow dual (or more, as the case may be) citizenship.

As to the topic at hand.....umm. I love the Shat, and this would certainly be...amusing. But no. He may be appropriate in the eyes of those who consider the continued existence of the office to be a farce, but I still believe in its value, especially in the direction Michaelle Jean has taken it. While the role of the office within Canada itself is basically an empty figurehead, she's used the position to be a fantastic diplomatic ambassador for the country. My actual pick for GG would be to give her a second term, but sadly that's not happening.
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