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Re: Shatner For Governor General

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I am the only Canadian who finds the notion of an American like T'Bonz suggesting a candidate for Governor General of Canada offensive?
I don't recollect suggesting him as candidate.

As much as I like Shatner's portrayal of Kirk, I don't make the mistake as so many seem to do of thinking that a character's qualities are reflected in the actor portraying that character. I have no idea whether Shatner would be good in that office or not and since I'm not Canadian, I haven't wasted much time thinking about it, other than a brief smile at the article and a quick bit of research to see what the office entailed, just because I'm the curious sort.

And by the way, you're beginning to ruin my normally excellent opinion of Canadians. It would be helpful for the reputation of your fellow Canadians in future if instead of opening your mouth and uttering stupidities like you just did, you do something more useful. Might I suggest emigrating somewhere that doesn't have Internet access? Your fellow Canadians will thank you.
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