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Charles Tucker
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I just watched the newest addition to the Star Trek franchise since becoming a Trekker. I noticed that Scotty says "So I
tested it on Admiral Archer's prize beagle."

First of all this is not very canon because Porthos would be long dead by then without some kind of technology that would allow dogs to have the life span of a human. The first time I watched the movie it registered no thought but now I am very sad that Porthos had his life ended in such a way, if indeed it is referring to Porthos. It also seems out of character for Captain Archer to volunteer Porthos or any other dog he had a strong emotional bond with for such an experiment. Why not use a Klingon or Travis.

I just wanted to gather everyone's thoughts on this. And lets have a moment of silence for the cutest little guy on the whole Enterprise series. Sorry if this thread is lame or has been done before.
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