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Re: Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray announced

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I'd heard somewhere that the original trilogy would look like crap in HD because you can see all these flaws, like the 2 different shades of black paint used on Darth Vader's helmet.
And the low budget TV series known as "Star Trek" in the mid-1960s would probably look awful too, eh?

in the first scene of The Naked Time, Spock and a crew member are investigating deaths in an icy control room.
On the ground lies what appears to be a dead woman.However, through this HD-DVD transfer you can see it is a mannequin complete
with lines running through its wrists.
Season 1 Star Trek

While you can now appreciate textures and read the monitors, you can also see makeup problems and both zippers and loose threads on costumes.

Yes the resolution allows you to see this.
The standard definition resolution on the 2004 season DVD sets is adequate to see the stories as they were created for television in NTSC in the mid-1960s.

High Definition video shows all that the 35mm film recorded on the day it was shot for better or worse... It may take away from some storytelling fantasy world.
Some people care. Some don't.
If you really want to see if it matters ask a 8-10 year old kid who is watching an episode in HD and if they have any issue with finding things 'looking fake'. I think if they don't then they won't have a problem with Star Wars in HD.
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