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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

I'm waiting to the deck plans from strategic design before i start the project.

currently I'm finishing up on a SeaQuest map I am making and tinkering with an Enterprise D map that has every area accessible. All i can say is, after having deck1 (bridge) and deck2 done then testing them I realized that when i finish the whole ship even if 100 people play on the map no one will ever find each other unless they all filter to the key places like engineering. The other thing about the Enterprise D map is the main shuttle bay (the one down and behind the bridge) It's huge and i can't wait to make it, which i'll be starting on soon.

I'll post some pictures soon of the work with the SeaQuest maps and the Enterprise D. I'm having computer issues so the pictures might just be from early stages of the work. here is a taste.

the ship is far more complete than in these pictures

the green guy is the size of your character in the game

This picture offers a sheer size and scale of the ship. The green character in the previous picture would be in the upper left corner at the top of the stairwell.

Once again i'll work on geting at least the deck 2 picture i have of the Enterprise D.
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