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Re: Chiron Intergalaxy Corp.

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Rob, thank you again for your kind words.

If it hasn't been obvious at this point (this is a tip by the way) I selected the characters of Maxwell, and Pressman is also an employee of Chiron... see a trend ?
These guys aren't the "shining" examples of the Star Fleet image.

Also, how can you now be a "Cadet", you have numerous post on this board !!

PS: I just have to mention this (out of pride I guess)...
When I started this Thread, it was #1207 in popularity.
Today, it's #21.
I like seeing MAXWELL and JELLICO being used like this. Its different and makes it cool.

As for being a cadet? I hadn't been one for so long that I wanted to try on my old still fits.

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