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Re: Star Trek: Unspoken Truth - Discussion (Spoilers)

I've got a quick question, for those of you who've finished the book. And, I don't mind if your answers spoil the plot for me. SPOILERS BELOW.

I am on about Chapter 12 of "Unspoken Truth". And, I am very confused. Saavik and Mikal were on Earth. Saavik went to a communications station (where she was told that Tolek had died of unknown causes), while Mikal was waiting for her at a tram station. When she returned to the tram station, she blacked out, and woke up in her home on Vulcan. From what she overhears Amanda and Sarek discussing, it sounds as though Sarek nerve-pinched her, and took her home. But, why did he do this? And then, as I proceeded to read after that, the prose discusses how Saavik had an "outburst" at the Tram station. And, she indeed at one point says that she wonders 'if Starfleet will have me' after that 'outburst'. Then, inexplicably, she decides to visit the savants, where she has a violent episode and traipses off into the desert.

So, I am wondering:
1.) What really happened at the tram station? If she was just nerve-pinched and fell over, why would this be such a huge deal, and in regards to her career? Did something else happen that hasn't been disclosed in the story yet?
2.) If all that happened was that Sarek pinched her and took her home....why would he do this?
3.) When did Saavik decide to visit the savants? It seemed like a very random, very abrupt decision. She was sitting in bed, talking with Amanda, and just decided to out there. I am wondering if I missed a reference to this earlier in the story.

Anyway, if anyone can shed some light on this, I'd appreciate it. I know the story is being told out of chronological order, which is naturally confusing, but it just seems like I am missing something, if not several things. Any clarification/info would be greatly appreciated, as I would like to continue reading this book without feeling utterly lost.

Thanks, in advance, for any replies.
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