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Re: Most foreboding music

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Okay...challenge accepted:

Ave Satani by Jerry Goldsmith.
This! OMG, THIS! I practically have to breathe into a paper bag whenever I hear it.

When I was a kid in maybe the 4th grade, our music teacher played us "Pictures at an Exhibition," by Musorgsky. Part of the piece was the legend of Baba Yaga, a witch who lives in the forest in a house on giant chicken legs. The house chases a girl through the forest until the girl reaches the Great Gate of Kiev. I swore I saw that damned house chasing our station wagon whenever I sat in the rear-facing seat. WTF was that woman thinking?! Years later, as a college senior, I took a course in western music. The professor put on this piece. I started having a panic attack and had to leave the room. Even now, thirty years later, when I make myself listen to the piece, I can feel the effect on my pulse and BP. Foreboding? Hell, yeah.
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