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Re: Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray announced

I'm surprised to hear they're working on a Blu-Ray for the original trilogy. I'd heard somewhere that the original trilogy would look like crap in HD because you can see all these flaws, like the 2 different shades of black paint used on Darth Vader's helmet.

Personally, if they plan on doing any more tinkering with the FX, I'd really like for them to redo the lightsaber blades for A New Hope & The Empire Strikes Back. They lack consistency in thickness & color from shot to shot, particularly compared to the prequels & Return of the Jedi.

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Didn't they fix that by having them shoot at the same time?
You jest, but I can see that scene so clearly in my head... and I bet the farm they do do that.

Hehe, do do!
No, I don't jest. After the fan hatred of the 1997 SE change, I remember hearing that Lucas was planning to fix the scene for the 2004 DVD release so that they fired at the same time.

Or so I thought. I wasn't sure, that's why I asked.
They did change it slightly for the 2004 DVD release. Rather than Greedo plainly shooting first, it's now more of a quick-draw situation. It's still an unneccessary change from the original Han shooting first from 1977, however, I'm willing to settle for it because at least it looks a lot less stupid than the 1997 version.

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^ What's the big deal? 'Bail' could be a popular first name in the SW 'verse.
It's no big deal. I'm sure Bail's the equivalent of John on Alderaan. I love The Phantom Menace so this little mistake doesn't ruin the movie for me. Still the idea of two senators from Alderaan named Bail who were serving at the same time is a bit hard to swallow.
Why? Currently, Arizona's 2 senators in the U.S. Senate are John McCain & Jon Kyl. And the 2004 Democrat Presidential ticket was John Kerry & John Edwards.
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