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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

U.S.S. Prometheus
  • Captain Ozzy Baxter (Mondasian)
    First Officer / Chief Engineer Ibol "Gravy" Gravitesseree (Bolian)
    Tactical Chief Vala Cannabis (Bajoran)
    Science Officer Belladonna Petra (Human)
    Assistant Engineer Miles Nogson (Ferengi)

U.S.S. Stringfellow
  • Captain Pau'Saavika (Vulcan)
    First Officer / Science Officer Lt. Cmdr. Maread Celticao (Trill)
    Chief Engineer J'onn J'onais (Bolian)
    Tactical Officer Lt. Cmdr. Dorn (Klingon)
    Security Officer / Secondary Tactical Officer Vaylor (Vulcan)
    Counselor Lady Malvana (Andorian)
    Assistant Engineer Seth McAlister (Human)

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