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Re: Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray announced

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It is odd these scenes never get re-inserted. I mean, the Jabba scene is pretty pointless, as it is basically just a rehash of the Greedo scene. But that got re-added in 1997. Are Biggs, Camie & Fixer, and Han's girlfriend even more pointless than that?
Lucas decided, fairly late in the editing process, that the movie would be stronger if first section was from the droids' point of view only, and that the viewer should not know whether there was any civilization on Tatooine or if the droids were escaping to an empty desert wilderness. There was some strong resistance from editor Marcia Lucas, who had cut the early scenes with Luke and wanted them left in. But, even though it's hard for most of us to remember what it was like to not know Luke was on Tatooine, I think Lucas' choice was the right one. It wouldn't be bad to have them included as bonus material, but because Lucas cutting them was pretty fundamental to the narrative of the movie, I don't see them being put back in. But, it wouldn't surprise me if I was proven wrong, either.
But these days, if one were to watch the prequels first, than they would know there is civilization on Tatooine. So, in light of that it wouldn't really hurt the narrative too much to re-insert the scenes with Biggs and Luke's other friends.

Besides, it just seems that they have an action figure of Biggs wearing the costume he had on in that scene despite it never being in the movie.
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