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Re: Star Wars saga on Blu-Ray announced

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Is the Biggs scene finally going to be inserted into ANH?
I doubt it, since it hasn't been done so far. Ditto for the Camie & Fixer scene and the "Han with chick" scene in the cantina. Perhaps they'll be in the deleted scenes?

What I'm really hoping they'll eventually do is to let the viewer choose which scene they'd like to watch: Han shooting first, or Greedo shooting first...
Didn't they fix that by having them shoot at the same time?
"Fix" no. Fix would imply something was broken which, OK, something was broken but what was broken was ruining the rougishness of Han's character by having him shoot second. There was nothing "broken" about the original scene to "fix" in the SE. The SE was about Lucas adding in CGI nonsense and scenes he couldn't do int he 70s. Fine, whatever, if Lucas wanted a bunch of goofy, distracting, creatures fooling around in the foreground during scenes and have dumb scenes of aliens singing pop songs in the middle of his movies fine, whatever. But no technological limitation in the 70s prevented him from having Greedo "shoot first." It's a change to Han's character a change that didn't need to be made. Han is a rougish anti-hero he cares more about his personal safety above all-else (until his character arc is complete by the end of the movie.) There was no need to have Greedo shoot first, or to have them "shoot at the same time" and further Han's dodging of the moving at the speed of light LASER beam looks dumb.

"Fixed it" by having them shoot at the same time?

Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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