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Re: Uniform Insignia

Red Ranger wrote: View Post
I prefer the one-style insignia which began in the movies, which was then simplified from TNG on (not even a star like in the TOS movies). The delta shield design is simple and makes it clear they're all with Starfleet, and the individual colors are much simpler for folks to follow. It's elegant in its simplicity. It was even more complicated in TOS, with folks wearing different insignia depending on which ship or ground assignment they were on (with the exception of Court Martial, where folks from other ships had the Enterprise insignia.)
Well, it wasn't just "Court Martial;" it was other times, too.

Here are all the people who wore an arrowhead-shaped ("Enterprise") patch who weren't actually from the Enterprise:

The Space Officer from "The Cage:"

The Yeoman/Ward Secretary on Starbase II in "The Menagerie, Part 1:"

Timothy and Mike in "Court Martial:"

Corrigan and Teller in "Court Martial:"

Dead Engineering guy on the Sick Bay exam table on the Defiant in "The Tholian Web:"

(Everyone else on the Defiant died in various positions that obscure their patches, but this one you can make out--especially on BluRay.)
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