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Re: Transporters in everyday life

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^ No, it suggests that Academy cadets aren't allowed to leave campus willy-nilly. Sisko's story tells us nothing about civilian transporter use.
Agreed, Academy Cadets will have a bunch of limitations imposed on them.
I recall a non-Trek story where a cadet arrives at the Academy for the space-navy and gets dressed-down because he came in a private vehicle. "Your orders specifically said to arrive by public transport." So, yeah, I can imagine Starfleet Cadets have a bunch of rules imposed on them, and limited transporter use is an obvious one.

The exact quote, if folks want it:
SISKO: I remember, Jake, I wasn't much older than you when I left for San Francisco to go to Starfleet Academy. For the first few days, I was so homesick that I'd go back to my house in New Orleans every night for dinner. I'd materialize in my living room at six thirty every night and take my seat at the table just like I had come down the stairs.
JAKE: You must have used up a month's worth of transporter credits.
SISKO: My parents, they never said anything about it. Just 'how you doing, son, how was school today? They knew that I would get over being homesick soon enough. And after about the fifth, sixth day, you couldn't pry me from that campus. Of course now, if you go to Pennington, you won't be able to beam back to the station to have dinner with your old man. After about a week or so, you'll get over it.
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