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Has anyone else noticed that the Collector General looks a lot like one of the Shadows from Babylon 5?
I noticed this and thought there really were a lot of ties to B5. I saw somewhere (official website I think) a list of sci-fi elements that ME drew reference from (including Star Trek II: TWOK and Star Wars) but no B5!

The Collectors look like Shadows
Ancient enemies that periodically return to wipe out the galaxy
The hero returns from the dead (I was convinced that Shepard would be given a death sentence due to the regeneration technology only holding out so long)
The Spectres are practically the Rangers
A central spacestation for all alien races to gather together on
The Asari = the Minbari
The Turians = the Narn
A character named Mordin (ok, this might be stretching it)
Evil opportunistic Earth corporations
All the themes about alien species building communities together vs a strong independent Earth
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