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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

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I bought my copy yesterday for 29.99 at Gamestop. I guess it was on sale because the price tag said 49.99. I haven't installed it yet because my current computer is crap. I have ordered a new computer but it won't come until next next week. I got the computer for a reasonable price and it has a good processor and a shitload of memory so I should be able to play with ease. My game came with an exclusive, the classic Constitution Class Starship. Do I get the Connie right off the bat or do I have to earn it later on?
You'll get it right off the bat.

But first you will have to go to the C-store, then look under the special unlock tab, then click on the Connie and accept it, then go into inventory, right click on the Connie, and click apply. After that when you get to Earth Spacedock you have to go to the shipyard, go to the console for selecting your ship and switch from the ship you start with to the Connie.
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