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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

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Indeed, it is terrible, and i probibly would need to be pulled from my computer if i got this then, becuase i am a hard core gamer, though i hope i will get a new computer soon, so yah....Now did they change it so you dont have to pay monthly fee's are do you still have to? And if they changed it, do you get limited acces to the game, or full acces if you dont pay monthly?
I don't think that will ever change, sorry. Subscriptions are the bread and butter of most MMOs, and as much as we'd like them to be free it's really not feasible.
I've heard that DC Universe Online may go the free route but make up for that by releasing expansion packs frequently. Don't know if that's true though. Just something I overheard a guy at Gamestop saying to a friend of his. I suppose that rumor isn't worth jack shit but...
Off topic - But yes, it's confirmed that DCUO is going to go on the 'Free2Play' model (which is anything but, as it means they'll charge you for EVERYTHING else with regard top costumes, new powers, ANY no content, large or small, etc.) And in game support will most likely be non existent, with the excuse - "Hey, it's not like we're charging you, right?"
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